The Point – Youth Discipleship


What’s “The Point”?

HBBC stands on the intersection of five neighborhoods called 5 Points. Therefore, we’ve renamed our discipleship gatherings to “The Point,” which refers to our weekly gatherings on Sundays (6:00-8:00pm) and our mid-week gatherings on Wednesdays (6:15-7:15pm).

The Point” also has multiple symbolic meanings.

  • To point is to identify a direction in which to move and, therefore, to choose a purpose. Our purpose is to participate in the Kingdom of Heaven, and our faith journeys point toward that end.
  • point is also a gathering place. Our community is one that fellowships, plays, breaks bread, and worships together.
  • point can also refer to an idea or truth we share. For us, that means accepting that we are the beloved children of our Creator God, who sent his son, Jesus, to show us how to fully live into God’s purpose.

Throughout the traditional school year there are 3 kinds of activities that occur on Sunday nights on a regular basis, but each one almost always occurs within our regular schedule of 6:00-8:00pm. Then on Wednesdays you’re invited to Point5, our midweek gathering, from 6:15pm until 7:15pm. At Point5 we engage in various spiritual formation disciplines, both new and ancient, so that we can listen for the voice of God through the noise of our busy lives.

Our normal gatherings that include supper, games and Bible study
Occasional youth worship experiences
Sometimes we just want to play! These are purely fellowship events and outings.
  Our midweek gathering to experience the presence of Christ in new ways


If you have any other questions about upcoming events and activities, contact Ward Page.

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