HBBC School of Music Semester Schedules and Fees

School of Music Schedule

Summer 2019:
May 13–July 31 (Dates to be arranged with instructor) • 7 Lessons
Registration and payment are due in full by May 13.

Fall 2018:
Tuesday, September 4–December 14 • 14 Lessons
Thanksgiving Break: November 20-23
Fall Recital: December 8, 3:00 PM (Hayes Barton Baptist Fellowship Hall)

Spring 2019:
January 14–April 27 • 14 Lessons
Spring Break: April 15-20
Spring Recital: April 28, 3:00 PM (Hayes Barton Baptist Fellowship Hall

NEW OFFERING THIS SPRING — God’s Children Sing: God, My Family, and Me
Musikgarten Logo You and your child will spend these thirty minutes together playing, singing, laughing and dancing. You will be provided with take-home materials so that you may listen to the music at home between our weekly classes. We will have so much fun together this semester learning about God’s love for us through song and movement.

January 16–March 20 • 10 30 Minute Classes
Wednesdays at 11: 30 AM in Room 11
Ages 15 1/2 months – 3 1/2 years
Enrollment limited to 12 students.
$180 per student or $60 per student for three months.
$26 materials fee in addition to the $15 registration fee.

Policies and Procedures

It is the student’s (or parent’s) responsibility to contact the teacher if he/she is not able to attend a lesson in cases of emergencies or illness. Those who do not notify the teacher or SoM director 24 hours prior to missing a lesson will not be offered a make-up lesson. It is the responsibility of the student (or parents) to arrange a make-up lesson if a lesson is missed for the reasons mentioned above. A maximum of one lesson is allowed to be made up for student absences per semester.

If a lesson is missed due to inclement weather, the instructor will notify the student (or parents) and a make-up lesson will be scheduled within four weeks of the end of the semester.

If a teacher must miss a lesson for any reason, it is the teacher’s responsibility to arrange a make-up lesson within the four weeks of the end of the semester. Punctuality is expected for students, as our teachers have made a commitment of their time and talents. If students are late to a lesson, extra time will not be added on to the lesson for that day or future lessons. Teachers will abide by the same policies.

Fees and Payments

Private lessons will be filled on a first-come, first served basis.  Students are officially registered upon receipt of the registration form and a $15 registration fee.

Registration at the Hayes Barton Baptist Church School of Music is a commitment of the teacher’s time and talents for the entire semester, and the student (or parent) has a commitment to pay the fee in full.  Withdrawing from lessons does not release the student from the responsibility to pay the full tuition for the registered semester (14 lessons). Music and materials are not covered in the tuition and may be an additional cost for the student.

Fee Schedule:
Registration Fee: $15 per student per semester
30 Minute Lesson: $35 per lesson per student
45 Minute Lesson: $50 per lesson per student
60 Minute Lesson: $65 per lesson per student
God’s Children Sing: God, My Family, and Me: $60 per student for three months plus $26 materials fee and $15 registration fee.

Total Tuition and Fees Due Each Semester
30 minute lessons: $260
45 minute lessons: $365
60 minute lessons: $470

Payment Options:
Semesters may be paid in full through our online portal. If you have questions regarding registration or payment, please contact Lisa Moxley (lmoxley@hbbc.org).

Download the School of Music EFT authorization form here.

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