Long Range Capital Planning Proposal

The Long Range Capital Planning Committee, made up of 9-intergenerational church members, has been working on a capital improvements proposal for Hayes Barton Baptist Church. The proposal includes 4 key initiatives that were shared with the congregation for the first time on Sunday, March, 4, 2018 and with its neighbors on Monday, March 5, 2018.  The facility improvements recommended in this report are the culmination of a yearlong period of study by the committee.

Everything proposed is concept only. The first step in moving any project forward is consent of the congregation. As Dr. Hailey notes in the video, we now have much work to do, conversations to have, and even money to raise. As we continue to develop and refine our plans, we look forward to ongoing dialogue with our congregation, our neighbors, business organizations, and community leaders.  All final plans will be presented to the Church for approval.

We are committed to listening and exploring all options during this planning process. You can find more information through the links at the of this page.  We will be updating it regularly, especially as it relates to the timeline and community involvement.

View the Long Range Planning Proposal HERE.

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