Mission: San Antonio – Day 3

Mission: San Antonio – Day 3

Posted On Jun 30, 2017 | Ward Page

The theme for today was worship. We visited 3 different sites and shared the music and stories we’ve been preparing for months. First stop was back at the San Fernando Cathedral. The moment the choir began warming up, we encountered holiness. A simple “Oo” sound in harmony bouncing off the acoustically perfect ceiling brought a sense of wonder and awe to our proceedings. The youth explored the beautiful church, and some even took the opportunity to pray.


When our brief concert was over we traveled to Morningside Ministries at the Meadows, a retirement community for which we lead our first worship service. We began our service with prayer and singing, but the highlight of the service was a time of fellowship between the residents and our youth.


The time was incredibly special, and the youth really enjoyed connecting as much as the residents did. The youth choir sang its pieces, plus a couple of contemporary praise songs we had prepared, with solos from a few of our high schoolers. We also enjoyed a couple of skits, reader’s theater-style. After we concluded, we moved on to the San Antonio Rescue Mission for their evening worship (at which we unfortunately could not take photos).


The atmosphere at the rescue mission was far different. We led worship for 40 men, all of whom appeared to be living hard lives, often without homes or employment or food. We were all hot and sweaty, almost 80 of us in total crammed into a room not quite as big as two-car garage. But the atmosphere was very worshipful and the response from these men was a blessing. That is why we are here. Tomorrow we continue our worship tour.

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