Mission: San Antonio – Day 2

Mission: San Antonio – Day 2

Posted On Jun 28, 2017 | Ward Page

After a welcome night’s sleep, we traveled to the San Antonio Food Bank, one of the largest in the country.

We worked both the morning and afternoon shifts, sorting donated foods into their appropriate categories, so that they could then be distributed among various organizations and find their way into the mouths of the hungry. In total we helped to sort about 42,000 lbs. of food, which translates into about 37,000 meals.

We also got to tour the facility to see its 40-acre farm powered by solar and wind energy, its brand new barn for raising livestock, and its hydroponics and aquaponics systems, not to mention the gardens. All of these, by the way, are sustainable.

After dinner we traveled back downtown to San Fernando Cathderal, the oldest one in Texas. There we watched a creative light show projected onto the church’s façade that told the story of San Antonio through its history.

Tomorrow begins our worship tour.

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One thought on “Mission: San Antonio – Day 2”

  1. Dave Hawkins

    Tell the kids that the 42,000 lbs of food they sorted yesterday is about what HBBC raisedIN IT’s food drive for Urban Ministries last month to feed the hungry!
    Enjoy –
    praying for the team and my prayer partners
    Mr. Hawkins

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