The Hayes Barton Baptist Preschool

Thank you for your interest in Hayes Barton Baptist Preschool. We are a ministry of Hayes Barton Baptist Church, and we function in accordance with the mission and covenant of the church and within the guidelines and practices set by the church through the Preschool Board of Directors. Click here to learn more about our program.

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Our Objectives

​Christian Educational Environment

We view the time we experience with each child as an opportunity to share the love and abilities God has given us. Christian ideas are presented as a way of life rather than a separate subject. We seek to enable each child to realize his or her own God-given potential!

Developmentally-Appropriate Curriculum

Our focus is directed toward meeting the needs of the whole child: physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Our program provides experiences for learning through center-based activities, stories, music, art, nature, and outdoor play, along with opportunities to learn about God, his world, and his love. A traditional theme-based preschool curriculum is enhanced by the Wee Learn teaching series.

Support and Encouragement for Parents

We support families in their efforts to provide a happy, secure, and wholesome home environment. We promote the importance of a Christ-centered family as we seek to model Christian values and services in the classroom and in our relationships. We strive to work cooperatively to ensure every child’s success at home and at school.



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