Wednesday Family Night Worship at HBBC

During Family Night:

Family Night will return in September!

Family Night Dinner
5:00–6:10 PM in the Fellowship Hall
$6 for adults and $4 for children

HBBCkids Gym Time
5:30–6:10 PM in the FLC Gym

Youth Bells (Handbells for grades 6-12)
5:30–6:15 PM in the Handbell Room

The Gathering for Adults
6:15–7:15 PM in the Fellowship Hall

HBBC Students
6:15 PM–7:15 PM in FLC-201

Children’s Choirs and/or Missions
6:15–7:15 PM

*Children’s Choirs are for age 3-5th grade.  Two-year-olds will do Missions all year.

Childcare is available for birth-age 2!

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