Adult Ministry Programs at HBBC

Supporting our congregation and our local community with grace, prayer, and assistance is a fundamental part of Hayes Barton’s mission and purpose. We strive to help people who are less fortunate, questioning their faith, experiencing grief, or are otherwise in need through a range of compassionate ministry programs. Read below for descriptions of some of Hayes Barton Baptist Church’s ministries.


At Hayes Barton, we have recently expanded our prayer ministries to include a broader range of groups and purposes.

  • Our confidential prayer ministry is a small prayer team who meets weekly to pray together for people with confidential prayer needs.
  • Our bereavement prayer ministry is composed of fifteen members who pray daily for members who have recently experienced a death in their families.
  • We also maintain a critical prayer ministry, a team which responds immediately to critical medical issues.
  • Our home prayer network ministry consists mostly of members who are unable to come to the church and who receive the weekly Prayer Concerns lists through the mail.
  • Finally, our prayer shawl ministry team comes together to knit shawls with love and prayer for those who are experiencing difficult medical issues.


Stephen Ministries produces training programs and resources which help people learn and enhance their abilities to provide caring ministry, assertive relation, spiritual gift discovery, grief support, and much more. Hayes Barton is proud to be a part of this caring ministry and regularly holds Stephen Ministry training classes for our congregation. Trained Stephen Ministers share loving, confidential care for hurting people by seeking to extend the comfort of Jesus.

To learn more about becoming involved in Stephen Ministries, please contact Bob Hutzler (  To hear Stephen Ministers tell their stories, go to


Martha Ministry is an active group which lends assistance to members in need of a helping hand. Services include meals, transportation, yardwork, household maintenance, caregiver relief, running errands, and more. The saying goes: “many hands make light work,” and our congregation proudly supports each other in times of need by providing much needed help.


We have members of our congregation who can no longer join us for weekly worship and activities due to illness or limited mobility.  For those members, the Home Visitation Ministry becomes a connection point.

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