Graduate Recognition

Graduate Recognition is June 2. We want to celebrate with all of our high school and college graduates that morning at a breakfast banquet in their honor at 9:45am in our Fellowship Hall. We would also like to recognize each of our graduates during our worship service at 11:00am.

High school graduates need to bring their caps and gowns if they plan to attend, as well as be prepared to share the following information:

  • Name
  • High School
  • Future Plans
  • A word of gratitude to HBBC (optional, but encouraged)

If you would like to participate in our Graduate Recognition Service, please complete the form below no later than Sunday, May 26.

Graduate Recognition

Please complete this form no later than Wednesday, May 23.
  • First, Middle, Last
  • Please write the names of all parents and guardians you would like mentioned during the recognition.
  • Please provide an email address that you regularly check in case we need to contact you regarding Graduate Recognition.
  • Please select the level of education you are completing/have completed.
  • Please write the full name of the school or institution from which you are graduating, e.g. "Broughton High School" or "North Carolina State University."
  • Please write the full name of the degree you will receive, e.g. "High School Diploma" or "B.S. in Computer Science."
  • There will be a breakfast banquet at 9:45am, followed by our 11:00am worship service, during which all the graduates will be recognized.
  • (Please include yourself in this number.)
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