A Three Year Strategic Missional Planning Cycle

Below you will find a three-year planning cycle that will begin in 2018 and conclude in 2020. Each year will have a specific theme and will include a targeted programming related to the theme.

2018—Deepening Our Roots: Throughout this year our calendar will include numerous opportunities for our people to build stronger relationships with one another, especially across generational lines. More importantly, we will endeavor to build a stronger relationship with Christ through an emphasis on spiritual formation.

2019—Enlarging Our World: This will be a year of enhancing our Baptist identity. What does it mean that we are a Baptist church? And who are the Baptists with whom we identify? In addition, we want to become more engaged in our community, establishing meaningful relationships with other Christian congregations and even other faith groups.

2020—Making a Difference: The final year in this 3-year cycle will be devoted to helping our people find practical ways to become the presence of Christ in their homes, neighborhoods, schools, offices, etc. Note the more open-ended nature of our plans for this year. We don’t know what will develop in 2018 and 2019, so we’re leaving some space for the Holy Spirit to lead us.

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