HBBC's 2001 Resolution

In 2001, our congregation adopted the following resolution in response to our objection to the publication of the 2000 edition of the Baptist Faith and Message. In 2011, this resolution was reaffirmed by our diaconate and congregation in observance of our church’s 85th anniversary.

  • “Whereas Hayes Barton Baptist Church is ‘founded on the principles of Baptist faith and composed of persons who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, in the authority of the Holy Scriptures, in the priesthood of the believer, in the competency of the soul in matters of religion, in autonomy of the local church and in the separation of church and state’ (Hayes Barton Baptist Church constitution, Article I, Section 1); and
  • “Whereas the Southern Baptist Convention has taken positions which violate the basic principles of the priesthood of the believer (the right and obligation of each individual Christian to decide for itself who is qualified for each position of leadership, including ordination of women); and
  • “Whereas Hayes Barton Baptist Church celebrates the diversity and equality of its members, its unity in Christ and the diversity of local Baptist churches;
  • “Now therefore, be it resolved that Hayes Barton Baptist Church reaffirms the provisions of its constitution which state the Baptist principles on which it is founded; disavows any statement, position, or action by the Southern Baptist Convention or any other Baptist entity which is contrary to those principles; and affirms the privilege of each member of Hayes Barton Baptist Church to decide which Baptist organizations or causes merit his or her support and in what measure.”
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