Our History at Hayes Barton Baptist Church


The Baptist City Council of Raleigh purchases the site for a new Baptist church, anticipating the city"s northerly growth. HBBC remains at this site to this day.

Nov. 7, 1926

Hayes Barton Baptist Church is officially organized at a meeting held at the present-day Westminster Presbyterian Church following a unanimous vote.

Nov. 25, 1926

Thanksgiving Day: HBBC"s first service is held in "the Tabernacle," a small temporary wooden structure built by men of the church and friends.

Jan. 1, 1927

Hayes Barton Baptist Church's original 173 charter members are officially enrolled.

Feb. 1927

Dr. James B. Turner becomes Hayes Barton Baptist Church's first pastor. Dr. Turner remained pastor until 1931.

Late 1927

"The Tabernacle" is torn down, and work begins on the church's first permanent structure, including a sanctuary seating 850 people, classrooms, office space, and more.

Mar. 1931

Dr. Louis R. Gains becomes Hayes Barton Baptist Church's second pastor. Dr. Gains remained pastor until August 1933.

Nov. 1933

Dr. Carl M. Townsend becomes Hayes Barton Baptist Church's third pastor. Dr. Townsend remains pastor until August of 1947.


Hayes Barton Baptist Church sends its first missionaries overseas.

Jun. 1948

Dr. John W. Kincheloe, Jr. becomes Hayes Barton Baptist Church's fourth pastor. Dr. Kincheloe remains pastor until October of 1962.

Dec. 1950

HBBC sponsors its first "Living Nativity," which has since been viewed by over 100,000 people. The Living Nativity continues to be a part of church tradition to this day.


Following a decade of rapid growth and the acquisition of additional property, HBBC completes its new Educational Building, including a chapel seating 140 people.


Major renovations to the Hayes Barton Baptist Church sanctuary are completed.

September 5, 1962

The church's original structures, which had been completed in 1928, are destroyed by a fire. The Educational Building suffers significant water and smoke damage.

January 1964

Dr. T.L. Cashwell, Jr. becomes Hayes Barton Baptist Church's fifth pastor. Dr. Cashwell remains pastor until March 1985.

January 3, 1965

Ground is broken for HBBC's new Colonial Georgian sanctuary and other structures to replace those destroyed by the 1962 fire.

August 28, 1966

Renovations and repairs are completed on the Educational Building, and the church membership enjoys the first service there after the 1962 fire.

November 24, 1966

Thanksgiving Day: HBBC holds its first worship service in its newly-completed sanctuary exactly 40 years after its first service in the Tabernacle.

October 1986

Dr. George L. Balentine becomes Hayes Barton Baptist Church's sixth pastor. Dr. Balentine remains pastor until June 1995.

July 1996

Dr. David J. Hailey becomes Hayes Barton Baptist Church"s seventh pastor. Dr. Hailey remains the church's current pastor to this day.

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